Our activities are complementary! Let’s work together and create synergies!

You are a private seller or real estate professional?

You are an individual (owner-seller) or a real estate professional (real estate agent, realtor, notary …) and you want to sell your properties to our customers?

To meet the specific demands of our buyers, our property hunters constantly seeks to primarily be informed of new offers. In this context, we would like to consider your properties before it is on the market.

Individuals thus avoid losing precious time with useless visits “tourists”, or spending money in marketing ads. As for real estate agents, working from “professional to professional,” they gain in retrospect since they can commence the selling process rapidly and save time and energy with undecided prospects, uninformed or insolvents.

Whether you are a real estate professional or not, KB GROUP’s property hunters in Luxembourg, allows you to be in contact with a portfolio of buyers “handpicked” whose acquisition projects are clearly defined and the buying motives are fully validated.

Our buyers are busy and they do not have the possibility to search themselves: serious and reactive, they are well aware of market realities and financial potential which have previously been verified by our team of property hunters.

By sending us the sale of your property you also open the door to new markets too little exploited.


KB GROUP, property hunter in LUXEMBOURG, established numerous partnerships and thus has a wide network of partners that may occur at various stages of our process or our services.

Different options are possible and can effectively be combined:

Type of partners “Corporate Professionals”

Some of our partners bring us buyers. KB GROUP, property hunter in Luxembourg, works closely with professionals such as asset managers, various consultants, real estate agents failing to meet their buyers needs or simply individuals wishing to exploit their address book for potential buyers.

Type of partners “Service Providers”

These are the partners to whom we send our customers when they wish to have recourse to specialized service providers in order to:

Finance: mortgage, credit, money transfer and exchange, etc. ;

Renovation: architects, designers, work, etc. ;

And even specialized concierge services, property management etc.

Partners type “Property Vendors”

Sellers or their representatives (real estate agencies …) wishing to sell their goods only to our customers. If you are interested only in the proposal, appointment under “search in progress” of our website to send us your offers through our online seller form or for a list of our current search of properties.

Since the beginning KB GROUP LUXEMBOURG, is one of the pioneer companies in the real estate activities in Luxembourg, we work in partnerships of all kinds with full transparency in order to remain among the leaders in the market. To offer our customers excellent service buyers and multiple benefits at each stage of their proposed acquisition, our property hunters make deals only with professionals whose reliability and competence have been audited.

Our partners choose us for our many qualities recognized by the press, real estate collaborators, and satisfied customers. We distinguish ourselves with our proprietary method, our advanced tools, and the professionalism of our management team and effectiveness of our property hunters. We work in complete independence from the vendors and possess a perfect knowledge of the market which, also contributes to the excellence of our services.