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Looking to buy your principal residence, a foundation for your children, to invest in a rental property for legacy reasons or to acquire business premises to optimize your taxation?

The steps required to purchase efficiently and satisfyingly

n order to meet your needs, KB GROUP Property Hunters will offer you its highly personalized services, based on a sincere understanding and trust at each stage of the buying process.

After validating the feasibility of your project and while taking into account the essentials of the market, we offer tailored solutions, and accompany you in every step. Then we assess the entire market based on the advanced tools and extensive network in order to identify properties of interest. Our property hunters pre-visit the properties to present only those that match your criteria.

Once you show interest in a property, we put you directly in connection with the seller or the agency concerned.

We support you with expert and independent advice to help you properly estimate the value of the property you have chosen, and to help you strategically position yourself in your offer to the seller or any agency.

During and after your purchase, our team is at your disposal and continues to provide you personalised advice (choice of a notary, renovation quotes, interior design etc…) and puts you in touch with its best partners.

Throughout the entire process, our associates are at your full service.

A closer study of your project

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